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Steering self-organization

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Steering self-organization through confinement
Nuno A. M. Araújo, Liesbeth M. C. Janssen, Thomas Barois, Guido Boffetta, Itai Cohen, Alessandro Corbetta, Olivier Dauchot, Marjolein Dijkstra, William M. Durham, Audrey Dussutour, Simon Garnier, Hanneke Gelderblom, Ramin Golestanian, Lucio Isa, Gijsje H. Koenderink, Hartmut Löwen, Ralf Metzler, Marco Polin, C. Patrick Royall, Anđela Šarić, Anupam Sengupta, Cécile Sykes, Vito Trianni, Idan Tuval, Nicolas Vogel, Julia M. Yeomans, Iker Zuriguel, Alvaro Marin , Giorgio Volpe
arXiv:2204.10059 (2022)

Gallery of Fluid Motion Prize 2021!

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Carola Seyfert has been working very hard on this beautiful phenomenon called “Marangoni Bursting” in the last months, and she realised that something “wrong” happened when she inserted certain type of polymer particles in the solution. She turned that “wrong” into something beautiful! and the committee of this year’s APS-DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion seem to have agreed. You can see the full 3 min video in our gallery of videos. Notice also the guitar score from the great Rodrigo Ezeta. Enjoy!

Collaboration in PoF on turbulent mayonnaise

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I collaborated recently with Dennis Bakhuis and Sander Huisman and others at Physics of Fluids in this cool project making mayonnaise by brute force and not relying and surfactants or stabilizers, only *very* vigorous steering. Of course the resulting emulsion is totally metastable and not tasty at all… 😅

Nevertheless, it was a titanic task for Dennis Bakhuis and Pim Bulle to measure the droplet size manually with a microscope immersed in this high turbulent flow to capture thousands of water-in-oil and oil-in-droplets and to realize that there’s an asymmetry that we fail to understand! So I’m looking forward for more.