Jiaming Zhang, PhD

Jiaming is our expert on microfluidics. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) under the supervision of Prof. Sigurdur Thoroddsen. He then worked as Research associate at Peking University (PKU), supervised by Prof. Huiling Duan.


Mathieu Souzy, PhD

Mathieu graduated in IUSTI (Marseilles, France) working under the guidance of Bloen Metzger on Mixing on Sheared Suspensions. He is working with us on clogging of suspensions and dynamics of particles in confined suspensions.



PhD Students

Myrthe Bruning, Msc

Myrthe did her Master Thesis on the effect of surfactants on coalescing sessile droplets, for which she won the Shell prize for best Master dissertation. In our group, she is the expert on gels, elasticity, droplets and evaporation, altogether ๐Ÿ˜›


Carola Seyfert, Msc

Carola made her master thesis in TU Dresden, working on magnetic suspensions. Additionally she spent a few months in the Univ. of British Columbia in Vancouver, where she worked on thermally-controlled solidification of droplets. In our group, she is our expert on colloids and microscopy!


Master & Bachelor Students

Bryan Verveld, Bsc

Bryan is working on colloidal Marangoni bursting, a cool idea from Carola, who is supervising the project. 


Andrey Antonowycz

Andrey is working on secret project that has to do with football… that is all I can tell for now! 🤐




Edgar Ortega, Bsc

Edgar started his master project after an internship in the DLR in Kรถln. He worked with us in collaboration with Devaraj van der Meer and the Multiscale Simulation group of Stefan Luding @ UT, in a project simulating flowing suspensions in constricted systems. He’s currently PhD student in the PoF group.


Eva Krolis

Eva worked with our newly discovered fractal-like structures, fabricated by the Mesoscale Chemical Systems group, and studied their amazing wetting properties.


Laura Loffen, Msc

Laura finished her Master with us working on the visualization of particles in evaporating salty droplets using confocal microscopy. She did an awesome job, by the way ๐Ÿ˜‰