Here you will find recent and old stories from projects that are worth telling:

Drying Teardrops

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It all started many years ago: I was in the lab planning a droplet evaporation experiment and I added a tiny amount of salt to a particle solution to balance the liquid/particle density ratio. When I left the droplet to evaporate I could not believe it… the flow inside the droplet went exactly in the opposite direction as it should go, and I mean exactly in the three dimensions and three components!. Years after, my colleagues from the University of Granada showed me some funky ring-shaped stains that they observed in salty droplets, and they also had a good hypothesis for the flow inversion.

It has been several years working on this project with colleagues from 3 different countries and 5 different institutions. A few recent collaborations have been crucial: on the one hand, the simulations from both Stefan Karpitschka (Max-Planck for Dynamics & Self-organization, Göttingen) and Christian Diddens (TU Eindhoven)

While writing the paper, I met the artist Maurice Mikkers, the man behind the imaginarium of tears, and the beautiful micrographs of dried tears here shown below. Everything made sense then, the outer rim that you can see in his micrographs also follows the mechanism we propose!.

The paper will be published soon in Physical Review Fluids, you can find an arXiv preprint here.

Water Bottle Flipping Physics

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It took lots of practice but our paper on Water Bottle Flipping Physics was published in the American Journal of Physics and is available in arXiv. The paper has been also chosen as “editor’s pick” in the Am. J. Physics.

But here’s the most important fact: all the experiments and most of the analysis and modeling has been done by Pim, Lumen, Mees, Remco and Anne, first year students of physics in the university of Twente!

You can find an open access version of the paper here¬†(or here), and don’t miss our video abstract with original music, featuring Rodrigo Ezeta (production and guitar), Mazi Jalaal (cajon) and myself (on the bass guitar).

Dutch TV channels RTL4 and RTV Oost are featuring our work in their news with interviews to us and our students, I will update this post as soon as I have any material. See the latest video from our brilliant kids performing flips on TV (in dutch).

Don’t get stuck: an entry for the Gallery of Fluid Motion 2016

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This year we decided to join forces with our colleagues from the University of Navarra in Spain and submit a joint video about jamming and clogging in hourglasses and in hourglasses-like systems.

The video will be presented formally in the annual APS-DFD in Portland in November, and I hope to have submitted the bloody paper by then!

We also have narration this time! So you’ll hear Angi from Munich and me from Enschede narrating the video… Enjoy!