Mathieu Souzy, PhD

Mathieu graduated in IUSTI (Marseilles, France) working under the guidance of Bloen Metzger on Mixing on Sheared Suspensions. He is working with us on clogging of suspensions and dynamics of particles in confined suspensions.



PhD Students

Carola Seyfert, Msc

Carola made her master thesis in TU Dresden, working on magnetic suspensions. Additionally she spent a few months in the Univ. of British Columbia in Vancouver, where she worked on thermally-controlled solidification of droplets. 




Also working in our labs

Edgar Ortega, Msc

Edgar is running numerical experiments on clogging of dense suspensions, in collaboration with Mathieu Souzy, Devaraj van der Meer and Stefan Luding. 




Myrthe Bruning, PhD


Graduated with the PhD Thesis: “Confined and Colloidal Droplets” on January 2021



Jiaming Zhang, PhD





Andrey Antonowycz, Bsc

Graduated with the bachelor thesis: “Analysis of an Artificial Intelligence Football algorithm via Lagrangian and Eulerian Flow Statistics” on July 2021




Edgar Ortega, Msc

Graduated with the master thesis: “MercuryDPM: From a chip to Saturn” on August 2019




Bryan Verveld, Msc

Graduated with the master thesis: “Marangoni Bursting of Colloidal Mixtures” on November 2020




Eva Krolis, Bsc

Graduated with the Bachelor thesis: “Evaporation-driven particle assembly on micro-structured fractal-like substrateson June 2019




Laura Loeffen, Msc

Graduated with the Master Thesis: “Colloidal aggregation in evaporating salty sessile droplets” on November 2018. See also: Bruning, Loeffen, and Marin. “Particle monolayer assembly in evaporating salty colloidal droplets.” Physical Review Fluids 5.8 (2020): 083603.