Eva Krolis, Bsc

Eva works on evaporation of droplets containing graphene oxide. She studies how the evaporation process can determine the final shape of the capsules we create. This is an ongoing collaboration with our friends in TU Delft from Botto’s group


Joost Dekker

Joost is an undergraduate student studying the flows that are generated when centrifuging suspensions. This is an ongoing collaboration with our dear artist Maurice Mikkers and our friends in TU Delft from Botto’s group


Edgar Ortega, Msc

Multitalented and multilingual, Edgar runs numerical experiments on clogging of dense suspensions, in collaboration with Mathieu Souzy, Devaraj van der Meer and Stefan Luding. 



Guests and Visitors

Mathieu Souzy, PhD

Hardcore board game player, Mathieu has become with us a world expert on the clogging of suspensions, and he still works with us on that topic. He is currently a permanent guest/refugee with us. Learn more about him, like where are his current whereabouts in his website here.

Contact: m.p.j.souzy@utwente.nl

Prof. Javier Rodríguez Rodríguez

Recognisable by his Grolsch (water) bottle and his loud laughs, Prof. Javi works normally in the University Carlos III in Madrid but he spent a sabbatical in Enschede working in our labs on evaporation of respiratory-like droplets.

Contact: bubbles@ing.uc3m.es



Carola Seyfert, PhD

Dedicated birdwatcher and color dreamer, Carola recently defended her PhD on evaporation of colloidal suspension droplets , winner of a beautiful gallery of fluid motion, and still working with us on more stuff. You can follow her here

Contact: c.seyfert@utwente.nl

Meltem Lampe, Bsc

Meltem was an undergraduate student working on a cool project evaporating graphene droplets, in collaboration with our friends in TU Delft from Botto’s group



Sven van Leeuwen, Msc

Our real athlete in the team, Sven was an undergraduate student working on football as a confined system of active agents.



Myrthe Bruning, PhD


Graduated with the PhD Thesis: “Confined and Colloidal Droplets” on January 2021

Jiaming Zhang, Prof.

Postdoc with us from 2016 to 2020, now Professor at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) in China


Andrey Antonowycz, Msc

Graduated with the bachelor thesis: “Analysis of an Artificial Intelligence Football algorithm via Lagrangian and Eulerian Flow Statistics” on July 2021




Edgar Ortega, Msc

Graduated with the master thesis: “MercuryDPM: From a chip to Saturn” on August 2019




Bryan Verveld, Msc

Graduated with the master thesis: “Marangoni Bursting of Colloidal Mixtures” on November 2020




Eva Krolis, Bsc

Graduated with the Bachelor thesis: “Evaporation-driven particle assembly on micro-structured fractal-like substrateson June 2019



Laura Loeffen, Msc

Graduated with the Master Thesis: “Colloidal aggregation in evaporating salty sessile droplets” on November 2018. See also: Bruning, Loeffen, and Marin. “Particle monolayer assembly in evaporating salty colloidal droplets.” Physical Review Fluids 5.8 (2020): 083603.