Welcome to the Marin Lab!. We are based in the Physics of Fluids chair at the University of Twente, also part of the Max-Planck Center for Complex Fluid Dynamics.

We are a group of curious people interested in things living in confined systems: particles inside droplets, droplets inside channels, particles inside channels, bacteria inside droplets, people between walls or confined by white lines on the green grass. We are mainly driven by the observation of beautiful and very unexpected phenomena, and work very hard to describe them,  sometimes we even manage to explain them! This is what drives our work.

So if  you are a classifier-type, our work could be roughly classified somewhere between Physics and Engineering, Soft Matter also works for us!

News & updates

Review paper on evaporating-driven flows!

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It took quite a while! but together with Hanneke Gelderblom (TU Eindhoven) and Christian Diddens (Univ. Twente and TU Eindhoven) we have finally published this complete review on evaporation-driven flows…

Gallery of Fluid Motion Prize!

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Carola Seyfert has been working very hard on this beautiful phenomenon called “Marangoni Bursting” in the last months, and she realised that something “wrong” happened when she inserted certain type…

Collaboration in PoF on turbulent mayonnaise

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I collaborated recently with Dennis Bakhuis and Sander Huisman and others at Physics of Fluids in this cool project making mayonnaise by brute force and not relying and surfactants or…

Next Seminars & Conferences

Dutch Soft Matter Meeting Autumn edition

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This month of November 2022 we celebrated the 32nd edition of the Dutch Soft Matter meeting, organised by Liesbeth Janssen (TU/e) and myself. In this occasion we counted as international…

12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference – Vienna –

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In this year’s Euromech, I’ll be presenting our  latest results on the pattern formation in evaporating salty drops, much of it will be hopefully soon be submitted for publication. Particularly…

Berlin 18 – DPG Tagungen

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So happy to be participating in the DPG conference in Berlin! I will be talking on Monday 12th on the Focus Droplets session and on Wednesday 14th on Complex Fluids…


Tweets & Updates

They are superheroes, but they need your help, if you never donated, there is no better time as now, you might be two clicks from saving a life @MSF #HelpTurkey #HelpSyria

It’s been so much fun to work on this massive collaboration! both workshop + paper @softmatter. Jointly lead with Liesbeth Janssen @TUeindhoven, Nuno Araujo @namaraujo and Giorgio Volpe @Giorgio_Volpe. Thanks specially to the @lorentzcenter which made it possible!

Ever wondered how to steer self-organisation through confinement?

This perspective reports the discussion at a @lorentzcenter workshop organised with @AlvaroGuM, @namaraujo, L. Janssen.

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Read it now in Soft Matter https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2023/sm/d2sm01562e

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